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Fluorescence and confocal microscopy. Imaging Modalities for Biological and Preclinical Research: A Compendium, Volume 1; Part I: biological imaging.

Autori poglavlja u knjizi: Ivana Vrhovac Madunić, Masa Skelin Klemen, Josip Madunić, Natalie Kah Yun Wee and Paula Sampaio

Provides an outline of the physical principles of fluorescence microscopy, highlights its relevance for biomedical research, and discusses aspects of sample preparation, parameters influencing image quality, and options for data processing as well as general advantages and limitations.

Finally published! The idea of an imaging compendium/textbook arose during our first COMULIS Meeting: Almost 3 years later, we have compiled almost 100 imaging technologies, their physical principles, typical setups, biomedical relevance & data processing schemes. It is perhaps the first ever attempt to produce a comprehensive collection of the imaging techniques used in the biological & preclinical areas”. Andreas Walter, Chair, COST Correlated Multimodal Imaging in Life Sciences (

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