Division of Radiation Protection


The Division of Radiation Protection is an established center that brings together leading experts, modern laboratories, and other scientific research and professional capacities dedicated to:

  • Protecting human health and the environment from risks associated with radiation,
  • Dosimetry of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,
  • Technological aspects of the application and detection of radiation in medicine and industry,
  • Medical physics and radiation protection physics,
  • Sources of radiation in medicine, science, and industry, and
  • Enhancement of radiological and nuclear safety.

Since its establishment in 1959, the Division has engaged in a wide range of activities, including scientific research, education, radiological surveillance, dosimetry, and quality control of radiation sources. Our experts, recognized in domestic and international circles, conduct fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research to understand and minimize risks from natural and artificial radiation sources. Furthermore, they develop new measurement methods and measuring instruments for radioecology, dosimetry, and radiological and medical imaging.

The Division’s infrastructure has been enhanced and newly equipped within the ReC-IMI project with modern laboratories for: radiobiology, gamma spectrometry, measurement of alpha and beta radiation, radiation dosimetry, working with open radiation sources, elctronic research and development and metrological X-ray exposures.

Apart from scientific activity, the Division comprises the oldest professional-technical service in the Republic of Croatia, which has been addressing protection from ionizing radiation since 1959. The Division’s professional-technical service is accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency for a range of methods related to protection from ionizing radiation, including methods for determining radionuclide concentration, personal dosimetry of photon radiation, ring dosimetry of ionizing radiation, and determination of the ambient dose equivalent rate. In addition to accredited methods, the Division offers a wide range of other services such as consulting and creation of special studies in the field of radiation protection. In providing services, through continuous professional and scientific education of our employees, as well as the use of the most modern equipment, we ensure the highest standard of work and reliability of the obtained results.

The Division participates in the education and training of experts from various fields, transferring fundamental and specialized knowledge of radiation science within postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate university studies, specialized schools and workshops, and projects. The Division of Radiation Protection is firmly dedicated to developing and maintaining lasting collaborations with domestic and international partners, including health institutions, academic institutions, industrial entities, and other organizations relevant to radiation science. The aim of the collaboration is not only the exchange of knowledge and resources but also the integration of the results obtained into creating new innovative solutions.

The priority of the Division of Radiation Protection is to improve human health and safety through the development and application of the latest scientific knowledge and technologies. Through cooperation with hospitals and medical centers, the Division strives to enhance methods needed for personal and patient dosimetry, as well as methods related to medical imaging. This contributes to ensuring the quality of diagnostic procedures and reducing human exposure to ionizing radiation. Besides, collaboration with academic and research institutions allows the Division access to the latest research and trends in radiation science, medical physics, and other related areas. This enables the Division to keep up with the latest methods and technologies and to direct its research activities towards the most pressing issues and challenges.

Industrial collaboration enables the Division to transform its scientific findings into practical solutions and products. By developing new technologies, devices, and services, the Division aims at the commercialization of scientific research, thereby not only fostering innovation within the industry but also contributing to the economic development and stability of the Republic of Croatia. Such collaboration results in the creation of new jobs, opening new markets, and enhancing the competitiveness of the Croatian economy.

Through this diverse collaboration, the Division for Radiation Protection aims to become a center of excellence actively contributing to scientific, technological, and economic advancement, not only nationally but also internationally. The goal is to make a significant contribution to protecting and improving human lives through these partnerships, as well as to promote sustainable development and innovation.


  • Dosimetry of electromagnetic radiation in the implementation of the „e- Schools“ projects
  • Development and implementation of hybrid gamma-ray spectrometry methods for enhancing the capacity of environmental radiological monitoring around nuclear power plants (RAINSTORM)
  • European Partnership for Radiation Protection Research – PIANOFORTE: PoM for the Republic of Croatia
  • Dosimetry of electromagnetic radiation of technological solutions within the „e-Universities“ project


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