Mission and vision statement


To be among the best and most modern research institutions in central and southeastern Europe and shift the boundaries of discovery with regard to anthropogenic factors that affect health and the environment, as well as to set standards of academic professionalism within the fields of our interest.


To apply and develop innovative multidisciplinary research in order to help the advancement of environmental and health protection in the Republic of Croatia by means of:

  • insisting on high standards of excellence;
  • creating new value in research;
  • ensuring the transfer of acquired knowledge to society;
  • creating added value to the economy through research and development;
  • educating future leaders in basic and applied research;
  • nurturing an environment that promotes diversity, social inclusion, critical thinking, and creativity.

We plan to bring our vision to reality by:

  • conducting research that strives to describe mechanisms of interaction between environmental factors and biological systems; from the molecule to entire organisms;
  • performing professional work from our domains of monitoring and categorising the occupational and living environment, which implies establishing and keeping track of environmental and food burden from chemical, physical, and biological agents;
  • estimating environmental risks to health based on results of research;
  • conducting work from our traditional domain of occupational health;
  • participating in education at all levels;
  • supporting Croatian state bodies in drafting and implementing regulations from the fields of environmental, health, and occupational protection, as well as protection from radiation, and their continued harmonisation with the demands of sustainable development and circular economies;
  • cooperating with the economy through applied research and creating new value;
  • contributing to knowledge in the field of monitoring the environment on a global level;
  • continuously caring and investing into the development of the Institute’s human resources;
  • promoting the publishing of the scientific journal Archives of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, the official journal of the Croatian Society of Toxicology, Croatian Radiation Protection Association, Slovenian Society of Toxicology, Croatian Air Pollution Protection Association, and the Croatian Society of Occupational Health.

The pursuit of our vision will ensure that the Institute unequivocally defines itself as a crucial research, professional, and educational institution of core interest to the wellbeing of the Republic of Croatia.