ENRAS – ENsuring RAdiation Safety

European Regional Development Fund

Homepage: http://ol.ijs.si/enras/?page_id=216&lang=en

Duration: 1 Oct 2018-30 Sep 2020

  • Head: Boštjan Crnić, “Jožef Stefan” Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija
  • Head for Croatia: Branko Petrinec

The ENRAS (ENsuring RAdiation Safety) project will help develop cross-border services in the field of ensuring safety (civil protection) in cases of nuclear or radiological accidents. The shared challenge within the project is to enable harmonised and safe joint interventions in cases of such accidents. The main goal is to strengthen cross-border cooperation among subjects participating in the area of protection for the purpose of more effective rescue and intervention, increasing training and skills, and establishing the first system for joint interventions in cross-border areas.