Charter and Code

The European Charter and Code for Researchers aims to provide equal rights and obligations for researchers in Europe through the implementation of principles governing ethical and professional aspects of work, recruitment, working conditions, social security, and training of researchers.

Some of the principles in the Charter specify the roles, responsibilities, and entitlements of researchers, while others specify the roles, responsibilities, and entitlements of employers and/or funding sources of researchers. The principles of the Code are essentially recommendations for employers and/or funding agencies that aim to improve their recruitment of researchers.

The Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health signed the Declaration of Commitment to The European Charter for Researchers and to The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in April 2010.


An internal analysis to evaluate the compliance of current legislation and the Institute’s rules and practice with Charter and Code recommendations was completed in April 2011.

Action plan

An Action plan has been developed, identifying necessary amendments and changes to the Institute’s rules and practice, bodies and services responsible for the implementation of these changes, as well as the time line for specific actions.

Progress is continuously monitored and internal reviews are regularly performed.