Effects of Physical and Chemical Agents – Cytogenetic Biomarkers

The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia (2002-2006)

Principal Investigator: Aleksandra Fučić

The aim of proposed project is evaluation of stability of cytogenetic biomarkers after long term exposures to low doses of physical and chemical agents, investigation of interindividual differences in response on carcinogens, especially in organisms under development. The significance of aneugenic substances will be investigated.

Within international projects  micronucleus assay will be standardized and research will be performed on the estimation of potential correlation between cancer and increased frequency of micronuclei and chromosome aberrations. It could be expected that results of project would contribute to understanding of significance of cytogenetic biomarkers in risk assessment of subjects exposed to carcinogens.

Cytogenetic biomarkers will be selected for children monitoring. Chromosome aberration assay, sister chromated exchange frequency, in vivo and in vitro micronucleus assay, fluorescent in situ hybridization and comet assay will be applied in project. Results of the project are of great importance in the health risk assessment, understanding of aetiology of cancer development in adult population and children caused by environmental factors, methodology standardization and for  regulative bodies in issuing directives for permissible emissions of carcinogens in environment.