022-0222148-2137 Genotoxicity of chemical and physical agents of natural and anthropogenic origin



Principal Investigator: Vilena Kašuba

Aleksandra Fučić Davor Želježić
Nevenka Kopjar Vesna Pavlica
Ivan Milas Marin Mladinić
Mirta Milić Ružica Rozgaj
Feodora Stipoljev


Exposure to physical and chemical agents cause damage to cellular structures and macromolecules, which can lead to various pathological changes, impaired body function and development of various diseases, including malignant ones. Mutagens from  living and working environment can indicate clastogenic and / or aneugenic effect. The cellular response to genotoxic and cytotoxic agents is still not fully understood.

The project ˝Genotoxicity of chemical and physical agents of natural and anthropogenic origin˝ is  investigating  mechanisms of action of ionizing radiation and various chemical agents. The aim is to clarify the effects on cells and macromolecules as well as to contribute to the development of ecotoxicological profiles of individual agents and their mixtures.

The study involves in vitro (mammalian cell culture) and in vivo models (mice and rats).The project purpose is to provide the most appropriate experimental model that will indicate the optimal biomarkers of sensitivity and exposure that would have application in assessing exposure and health effects in human epidemiological studies. The international cooperation activities are carried out around the standardization of methods of micronucleus-test and its application in the investigation of possible correlation between the frequency of genomic damage and cancer.
Special attention is on investigations of  to DNA damage and  repair processes. We areInvestigating the interindividual differences in susceptibility to cancer, especially in developing organisms. The intention is to set up cellular and genetic framework for better understanding of the adaptive response and evaluation of its impact on genotoxicity. We are also exploring the dynamics of the frequency and the ratio of stable and unstable aberrations in different professional groups as set forth in the general population of Croatian. Research has been focused on assessing the inter-individual differences in chemo / radio-sensitivity based on polymorphism of genes responsible for the maintenance of genome integrity. It is expected that the results obtained can find application in programs dealing with human and environmental exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation and chemical agents and the possible adverse health effects that may result from these exposures.

The level of  damage in DNA and cellular macromolecules is carried out using molecular, biochemical and biological markers of exposure, effect and sensitivity to lymphocyte cultures  in vitro, cell lines of human origin, and in vivo in experimental animals (adult individuals and entities in development). The project estimates the specificity and determine the extent of genome damage caused by the exposure to low doses of mutagens (ionizing radiation, anesthetic, antineoplastic drugs, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, pesticides, mycotoxins, the materials used in dentistry, heavy metals, etc.).The dynamics of DNA damage formation and its repair are also explored, and the interdependence of unstable types of damage and translocation with respect to the type of mutagen.

The project is partly focused on basic biological research leading to new insights into the mechanisms of damage, their repair and examined the interaction of agents with genome and their possible effects on enzyme systems of cells. Data on direct and indirect effects of mutagens may indicate critical levels of exposure to low doses of physical and chemical agents that may be the basis for further research on the level of cells, organisms and populations.

Potential applications of this project “Genotoxicity of chemical and physical agents of natural and anthropogenic origin”:

  • Identification of the target sites of action of individual agents at the level of the organism and cells.
  • Finding the most suitable biomarkers to assess exposure, effect and sensitivity in biomonitoring of populations exposed to low doses of physical and chemical mutagens.
  • The results of studies of interactions with cytotoxic drugs and acetylcholinesterase genome can contribute to effective implementation of drug and reduce the level of toxicity and ease the side effects of chemotherapy treated patients.
  • Defining the threshold of sensitivity to the activity of the genome of physical and chemical agents with respect to the age of the children.
  • Comparison of cyto-and genotoxicity of various dental materials to choose those who have the highest biocompatibility in order to protect the health of patients.
  • Most of the research results obtained within the proposed project serves as a basis for introducing and / or re-evaluation of existing guidelines in the legislation in the field of occupational, environmental, residential and natural exposure to ionizing radiation and chemicals.

List of relevant publications  (2007-2010)


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