Research Area “Šumbar”


The Research Area “Šumbar” is a unique ecosystem in which the activities of safeguarding, control and improvement of habitat stability are carried out. Within these, one of the vital activities is the ecological research of water, soil, air and biological material associated with natural and anthropogenic environmental pollution and its main objective is to preserve healthy habitats for human and animal health. The online automatic reference measuring station for the measurement of background ionising radiation, type RS 131 HP ionisation chamber: Reuter Stokes, which is connected to the telecommunication system on location, is one of the main focuses of operation. Furthermore, measurements with HORIBA APNA-360 (Ambient NOx Monitor), HORIBA APOA-360 (Ambient O3 Monitor) and Sven Leckel Sequential Sampler SEQ47/50, which measure pollutants NO, NO, NOx, O, and PM are actively utilised at the Šumbar measuring station.
The space and measurements at Šumbar were used for the project “The integrated hardware-software system for environmental parameter monitoring in microlocations” (RC.2.2.08-0027), financed from European Union funds. Regular activities in the habitat ensured the maintenance of the prescribed parent stock of game and the maintenance and construction of legally prescribed hunting facilities. Moreover, feed and reinforced nutrition was ensured for game, as was a regular professional activity aimed at the implementation of hunting management measures whose purpose is to protect, preserve and organise habitats and game.

Head of Unit

Josip Tončić, stručni suradnik u sustavu znanosti i visokog obrazovanja, magistar znanosti, doktor veterinarske medicine