Marija Kujundžić

Division of Occupational and Environmental Health

M. Eng. med. lab. diagnostics / Professional Associate

Marija Kujundžić was born on July 15. 1980 in Imotski. She completed her undergraduate studies in medical laboratory diagnostics in 2004 and obtained the title of engineer in medical laboratory diagnostics. Since 2005, she has been employed at the Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health in the Institute for Division of Occupational and Environmental Health as a senior technician. Since then, she has participated in several scientific research and professional projects in the field of the influence of the environment on health and lifestyle.

He passed the occupational safety and health professional exam in 2019 and since then she has been working as an occupational health and safety expert at the Institute, and in 2020 she graduated from the specialist graduate professional study at the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences and obtained a master’s degree in Safety and protection engineering. Since then, she has been continuously working on professional and popular science activities of the Institute has been improving her skills in the field of safety and protection at work, as part of which she is undergoing training in the basics of andragogic knowledge.

Since 2021, she has been working as a professional associate in the system of science and higher education. She is a member of the commission for gender equity of IMI.

She is the manager of the project “Impact of recreational noise on hearing in the young adult population (RecNoise)”, which has been implemented since 2022. From 2024. Collaborator and leader of the work package “Noise” on the project financed by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia: Interaction of human health and the environment: determinants of health preservation – HumEnHealth (J. Macan)