Zorana Kljaković-Gašpić

Analytical Toxicology and Mineral Metabolism Unit

PhD / Scientific Advisor with tenure

Place and date of birth

Split, 1972


  • 1999-2003: Ph. D. Natural Sciences (field: Chemistry), Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Zagreb.
  • 1995-1999: M. Sc. in Natural Sciences (Geosciences, Oceanology, field: Chemistry), Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Zagreb.
  • 1991-1995: B. Sc. in Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, University of Split

Work Experience

  • 2006 – today: Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (IMROH), Zagreb, Scientific advisor
  • 1995 – 2006: Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split, Croatia, Research Assistant (Scientific novice)

Fields of interest

  • Biogeochemistry of trace metals in the environment, biological monitoring of environmental and occupational exposure to metals, health effects of metals in humans, interaction of toxic metals with essential elements in humans, risk assessment, toxicology of trace metals

Additional training

  • 2015: Workshop ‘Results of the inventory as the basis for drafting action plans’ as part of the revision of the National Implementation Plan for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants; Ministry of Environment and Nature, Split, Croatia
  • 2015: Seminar ‘Complete solutions for your laboratory’; Asolutic company, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2013: TAIEX workshop on on Chemical and Microbiological Risk Assessment; Croatian Food Agency and TAIEX, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2005: Uncertainty in analytical measurement; Croatian Metrology Society, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2004: Validation of analytical methods; Croatian Metrology Society, Trogir, Croatia
  • 2002: A two-month training visit on the analysis of mercury organic compounds in different environmental samples; Institute Jožef Stefan, Environmental Chemistry Unit, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2001: Training course on the analysis of trace inorganic contaminants in marine samples; International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Marine Environmental Laboratory, Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
  • 2000: A two-month training visit on the analysis of inorganic compounds of mercury in biological materials and sediment; Institute Jožef Stefan, Environmental Chemistry Unit, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1997: Training course European Union guidelines for eco-toxicological research; Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Croatia.


  • Annual award for scientific paper published in top scientific journal, which is awarded for work published in 2014 in the journal which is best ranked in the scientific areas of the base Journal Citation Report in web of Knowledge.

Select Publications

  1. Herceg Romanić S, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Bituh T, Žužul S, Dvoršćak M, Fingler S, Jurasović J, Klinčić D, Marović G, Orct T, Rinkovec J, Stipičević S. The impact of multiple anthropogenic contaminants on the terrestrial environment of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2016; 188(1): 1-16.
  2. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Pizent A, Jurasović J. Influence of abatement of lead exposure in Croatia on blood lead and ALAD activity. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016; 23(1): 898-907.
  3. Herceg Romanić S, Klinčić D, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Kusak J, Reljić S, Huber, Đ. Organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyl congeners in wild terrestrial mammals from Croatia: interspecies comparison of residue levels and compositions. Chemosphere 2015; 137:52–58.
  4. Herceg Romanić S, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Klinčić D, Ujević I. Distribution of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in cultured mussels from the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. Chemosphere 2014; 114:69–75.
  5. Kašuba V, Rozgaj R, Milić M, Željezić D, Kopjar N, Pizent A, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Jazbec A. Evaluation of genotoxic effects of lead in pottery-glaze workers using micronucleus assay, alkaline comet assay and DNA diffusion assay. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 2012; 85(7):807-818.
  6. Kožul D, Herceg-Romanić S, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Veža J. Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides in wild mussels from two different sites in central Croatian Adriatic coast. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2011; 179(1-4):325-333.
  7. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Herceg-Romanić S, Kožul D, Veža J. Biomonitoring of organochlorine compounds and trace metals along the Eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia) using Mytilus galloprovincialis. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2010; 60(10):1879-1889.
  8. Kašuba V, Rozgaj R, Milić M, Želježić D, Kopjar N, Pizent A, Kljaković-Gašpić Z. Evaluation of lead exposure in battery-manufacturing workers with focus on different biomarkers. Journal of Applied Toxicology. 2010; 30(4):321-328.
  9. Kožul D, Herceg Romanić S, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Veža J. Levels of organochlorine compounds in the mediterranean blue mussel from the Adriatic Sea. Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 2009; 83(6):880-884.
  10. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Bogner D, Ujević I. Trace metals (Cd, Pb, Cu, Zn and Ni) in sediment of the submarine pit Dragon ear (Soline Bay, Rogoznica, Croatia). Environ Geol. 2009; 58(4):751-760.
  11. Matijević S, Kušpilić G, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Bogner D. Impact of fish farming on the distribution of phosphorus in sediments in the middle Adriatic area. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 2008;56(3):535-548.
  12. Davis WC, Christopher SJ, Pugh RS, Donardo FX, Krupp EA, Point D, Horvat M, Gibičar D, Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Porter BJ, Schantz MM. Certification of methylmercury content in two fresh-frozen reference materials: SRM 1947 Lake Michigan fish tissue and SRM 1974b organics in mussel tissue (Mytilus edulis). Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2007;387(7):2335-2341.
  13. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Odžak N, Ujević I, Zvonarić T, Barić A. Biomonitoring of trace metals (Cu, Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb, Zn) in the eastern Adriatic using the Mediterranean blue mussel (2001-2005). Fresen Environ Bull. 2006;15(9 A):1041-1048.
  14. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Odžak N, Ujević I, Zvonarić T, Horvat M, Barić A. Biomonitoring of mercury in polluted coastal area using transplanted mussels. Sci Total Environ. 2006;368(1):199-209.
  15. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Antolić B, Zvonarić T, Barić A. Distribution of cadmium and lead in Posidonia oceanica (L.) delile from the middle Adriatic sea. Fresen Environ Bull. 2004;13(11 B):1210-1215.
  16. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Zvonarić T, Vrgoč N, Odžak N, Barić A. Cadmium and lead in selected tissues of two commercially important fish species from the Adriatic Sea. Water Res. 2002;36(20):5023-5028.
  17. Kljaković-Gašpić Z, Ujević I, Barić A. The Mediterranean blue mussel as an environmental indicator of metal pollution in the coastal area of Eastern Adriatic. Fresen Environ Bull. 2002;11(9B):620-625.
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  • The Croatian Chemical Society
  • Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists


Personal interests and hobbies
climbing, cycling

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