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“Air Protection 2017” Conference

The Croatian Air Pollution Protection Association (CAPPA), in cooperation with the Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Meteorological and Hydrological Society, and European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations – EFCA, is organising the 10th “Air Protection 2017” Conference. The Conference will be held at the Zora Hotel in Primošten, Croatia, from 3 to 7 October 2017. More detailed information is available at


  1. Air quality management – inspection and surveillance
  2. Pollution emission into the atmosphere
  3. Upper atmosphere pollution – immission
  4. Development and validation of measurement methods
  5. Air pollution exposure estimate and health effects
  6. Air protection in urban development, construction and environmental protection
  7. EFCA section “Air Quality in Europe – Current State and New Challenges“
  8. IUAPPA section “The Global Context for Air Quality Management”

First Announcement – Air Protection 2017