Department of Legal, Personnel, and General Affairs


The Department is the largest section of the Institute’s Shared Services. It encompasses several divisions and subdivisions, as well as the largest number of employees within the Shared Services. The Department handles the legal interests, personnel and general policies, and the efficient administrative functioning of the Institute. Among other duties, the Department is in charge of implementing the administrative segment of scientific, professional, and infrastructural projects.


  • Bojan Barbarić
  • Zvonimir Kecerin
  • Snježana Novoselec
  • Damir Perković
  • Renata Blažinović
  • Željka Kecerin
  • Andreja Margalić
  • Anica Slivak
  • Ljiljana Mankić Perković
  • Jelena Štrk

Subdivision of Legal and Personnel Affairs

Division of International Scientific Project Administration

Division of the Director

Division of Technical and General affairs

  • Nenad Kecerin, Head