Jelena Kovačić

Occupational Health and Environmental Medicine

PhD / Scientific Associate

Place and date of birth

Split, 26 March 1987


  • 2011– PhD Candidate in Biomedicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb University
  • 2008–2011 MA in Mathematical Statistics, Faculty of Science, Zagreb University
  • 2005–2008 BA in Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Zagreb University

Fields of interest

Statistics (biomedical applications)

Select Publications

  1. Kovačić J, Varnai VM. A graphical model approach to systematically missing data in meta-analysis of observational studies. Statistics in Medicine 2016;35:4443–4458.
  2. Kovačić J, Varnai VM. Intraclass correlation coefficient for grouped data. Epidemiology 2014;25(5):769-770.


List of publications