Generic Intervention Levels in Emergency Response Situations

Croatian Line

 Urgent protective actions

ActionAvertable dose(Generic intervention level)

Sheltering 10 mSv for a period of no more than 2 days
Iodine prophylaxis 100 mGy (committed absorbed dose to the thyroid)
Evacuation 50 mSv for a period of no more than 1 week

Generic action levels for foodstuffs
(From the CODEX Alimentarius Commission guideline levels for radionuclides in food moving in international trade following accidental contamination)

RadionuclidesFoods destined for general consumption (kBq/kg)Milk infant foods and drinking water (kBq/kg)
Caesium-134 Caesium-137 Ruthenium-103 Ruthenium-106 Strontium-8911
Americium-241 Plutonium-238 Plutonium-2390.010.001

Long-term actions

ActionAvertable dose (generic intervention level)

Initiating temporary relocation 30 mSv in a month
Terminating temporary relocation 10 mSv in a month
Considering permanent resettlement 1 Sv in a lifetime

Source: International Atomic Energy Agency, 2 Jul 1996 in Bulletin

Croatian Line

Last Update: 29 Oct 1996.


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