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Croatian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA)

Radiological Measurement in Croatia for Nuclear Power Plant Krsko

Background Radiation Dose on Puntijarka

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EPA, Radiation Protection Division

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WWW Virtual Library: Nuclear Engineering

Quiz about the nuclear industry

Health Physics Journal

The Daily Reports from Zagreb Stock Exchange

Varazdin Over the Counter Market Inc., Daily Reports

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Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health

Socialdemocratic Party of Croatia

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Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (IMI)
IMI List of Staff - size 12K - 8 Jan 1997

Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (IMI)
IMI - ongoing projects - size 7K - 6 Nov 1996

CARNet's Personal Home Pages Catalogue
Personal home pages on - size 1K - 27 July 1997

Croatian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA)
Croatian Radiation Protection Association
Hrvatsko Drustvo za zastitu od zracenja - size 3K - 24 Sep 1996

Radiation Research/Protection Personnel Locator
Radiation Research/Protection Personnel Locator
maintained by Leif E. Peterson, Ph.D., M.P.H. - size 35K - 18 Jan 1997

The most comprehensive list of Croatian Links on the Net
maintained by Ante P. Milardovic - size 11K - 1997

Slobodan's HomePage
Slobodan Milosevic's Bookmarks - size 5K - 8 Jan 1997

Goran's HomePage
Goran Pichler's Bookmarks - size 5K - 31 Dec 1996

Crooked Line

I am also mentioned on the following WWW sites:

Tema: (00220204) Radioaktivnost okolisa
Tema: (00220204) Radioaktivnost okolisa
Glavni istrazivac: Zdenko Franic, Znanstveni suradnik
Ustanova: (0022) Institut za medicinska istrazivanja i medicinu rada - size 10K - 20 Dec 1997

Radiation Related E-mail Listing
Radiation Related E-mail Listing - size 88K - 27 Jan 1997

SVIBOR - Papers on the project 3-01-134
SVIBOR - Papers on the project 3-01-134 - size 132K - 1 Jan 1997

List od Delegates for IRPA General Assembly
List od Delegates for IRPA General Assembly - size 38K - 30 July 1996

Environmental Management and Health Journal
Journal Contents and Abstracts. - size 11K - 15 August 1996.

Croatia - Political Flags
Croatia - political flags - size 5K - 6 Oct 1996

NeT, Internet Magazin
Kolumna Dr. Franica - size 17K - Nov 1997

Hrvatski Obzor
Z. Franic: Na Internetu je buducnost vec pocela - size 11K - April 1997

SDP's Organizational Structure
SDP's Organizational Structure - size 3K - 17 July 1996
Z. Franic: Digital Road to Democracy
http://www.sdp/ - size 7K - April 1997
Zagreb branch of Socialdemocratic party (SDP-ZG) - size 16K - April 1997

Symposium on Radiation Protection
Symposium on Radiation Protection in Neighbouring Countries in Central Europe - Portoroz 1995 - size 18K - 26 Sep 1995

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist
The Virtual Nuclear Tourist - size 34K - 5 Sep 1997

CEED DataBase - size 44K - 6 Oct 1996

IAEA (INIS Data Base)
International Nuclear Information System (Sample Data Base) - size 2K - 3 July 1997
Search Results - size 310K - 27 Sep 1997
Chalmers University, Sweeden
Applied Physics publication list 1992, Chalmers University, Sweeden - size 8K - 1997

Crooked Line

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