Radiation Dose

This worksheet will allow you to estimate how much radiation you receive in a year.

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1. Cosmic Radiation From Outer Space

a) Cosmic radiation at sea level 26 mrem

b) What is the elevation (in feet) of your town?
up to 300 m (2 mrem)
300 - 600 (5 mrem)
600 - 900 (9 mrem)
900 - 1200 (15 mrem)
1200 - 1500 (21 mrem)
1500 - 1800 (29 mrem)
1800 - 2100 (40 mrem)
2100 - 2400 (53 mrem)
above 2400 (70 mrem)

2. Terrestrial (from the ground)
What region of the Croatia do you live in?
Southern Croatia (2 mrem)
Northern Croatia or Histria (3 mrem)

3. Internal radiation (in your body)

a) From food and water, (e.g. potassium): 40 mrem

b) From air, (radon) 120 mrem

c) Do you have porcelain crowns or false teeth?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (0.07 mrem)

4. Travel Related Sources:

a) Add 1 for or each 1000 miles traveled by jet this year

b) Are X-ray luggage inspection machines used at your airport?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (0.002 mrem)

c) Do you use gas lantern mantles when camping?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (0.003 mrem)

5. Miscellaneous Sources:

a) Weapons test fallout: 1 mrem

b) House construction: Do you live in a stone, brick, or concrete building?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (7 mrem)

c) Do you wear a luminous wristwatch (LCD)?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (0.06 mrem)

d) Do you watch TV?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (1 mrem)

e) Do you use a computer terminal?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (1 mrem)

f) Do you have a smoke detector in your home?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (0.008 mrem)

g) How many medical x-rays do you receive per year? (40 mrem each)

h) How many nuclear medical procedures do you receive per year? (14 mrem each)

i) Do you live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (0.009 mrem)

j) Do you live within 50 miles of a coal fired power plant?
No (0 mrem)
Yes (0.03 mrem)

That's it ...

Your Dose is:


Please note that this spreadsheet is still in experimental phase.
Generally, the dose from natural sources ranges from 2 to 5 mSv (200 to 500 mrem)
Croatian version will be available in the future.

Croatian Line

Last Update: 13 Oct 1997.


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