Dean Karaica

Molecular Toxicology Unit

PhD / Scientific Associate

Place and date of birth

Zagreb, 23 July 1987


  • 2012 – 2016 Postgraduate study (PhD degree in Biology) The Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
  • 2009 – 2011 Graduate study of Experimental Biology (module: physiology and immunobiology; Master degree in Experimental Biology) The Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
  • 2006 – 2009 Undergraduate study (Bachelor degree in Biology) The Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Work Experience

  • Junior researcher (research assistant) Molecular Toxicology Unit Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Ksaverska cesta 2, Zagreb, HR-10000
  • 2014 – 2018 Aging-related expression of membrane transporters in rat (AGEMETAR), Croatian Science Foundation, Project leaders: Ivan Sabolić, (until 2016.) i Davorka Breljak, dipl. ing. biol. (from 2016.)
  • 2012 – 2013 Mammalian renal transporters; gender differences and effects of toxic metals, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Republic of Croatia, 022-0222148-2146, Project leader: Ivan Sabolić,

Fields of interest

Biomedical research

Additional training

  • 05 – 16 November 2012 – Laboratory Animal Science Course Galapagos Research Center, Zagreb
  • FELASA cat. C equivalent certificate


  • October 2014 – Award for the best poster at the 2nd Symposium of Croatian Laboratory Animal Science Association with international participation

Select Publications

  1. Breljak, Davorka; Ljubojević, Marija; Hagos. Yohannes; Micek, Vedran; Balen Eror, Daniela; Vrhovac Madunić, Ivana; Brzica, Hrvoje; Karaica, Dean; Radovic, Nikola; Kraus, Ognjen; Anzai, Naohiko; Koepsell, Hermann; Burckhardt, Gerhard; C. Birgitta, Burckhardt; Sabolić, Ivan. Distribution of the organic anion transporters NaDC3 and OAT1-3 along the human nephron. American Journal of Physiology – Renal Physiology Published (2016), DOI: 10.1152/ajprenal.00113.2016 (article, scientific).
  2. Breljak, Davorka; Brzica, Hrvoje; Vrhovac, Ivana; Micek, Vedran; Karaica, Dean; Ljubojević, Marija; Sekovanić, Ankica; Jurasović, Jasna; Rašić, Dubravka; Peraica, Maja; Lovrić, Mila; Schnedler, Nina; Henjakovic, Maja; Wegner, Waja; Burckhardt, Gerhard; Burckhardt, Birgitta C.; Sabolić, Ivan. In female rats, ethylene glycol treatment elevates protein expression of hepatic and renal oxalate transporter sat-1 (Slc26a1) without inducing hyperoxaluria. // Croatian medical journal. 56 (2015); 447-459 (article, scientific).
  3. Herak-Kramberger, Carol Mirna; Breljak, Davorka; Ljubojević, Marija; Matokanovic, Mirela; Lovric, Mila; Rogic, Dunja; Brzica, Hrvoje; Vrhovac, Ivana; Karaica, Dean; Micek, Vedran; Ivkovic Dupor, Jana; Brown, Dennis; Sabolic, Ivan. Sex-dependent expression of water channel AQP1 along the rat nephron. // American Journal of Physiology – Renal Physiology. 308 (2015), 8; F809-F821 (article, scientific).


  • The Croatian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Croatian Laboratory Animal Science Association
  • Croatian Herpetological Society – HYLA


Other fields of expertise: Zoology (Herpetology)

Published papers and handbooks within the field of Zoology:

  1. Karaica, Dean; Buj, Ivana; Čavlović, Kristina; Mičetić Stanković, Vlatka. Comparative morphology and ecology of the Pelophylax esculentus complex in Croatia. // SALAMANDRA. 52 (2016) , 2; 161-170 (article, scientific).
  2. Jelić, Dušan; Karaica, Dean. First data on the fauna of amphibians and reptiles of the lower Una River and its coastal area. // HYLA – Herpetological bulletin. 2012 (2012), 1; 22-41 (article, scientific).
  3. Radočaj, Martina; Jelić, Dušan; Karaica, Dean; Kapelj, Sven. Morphological and reproductive traits of the insular population of Podarcis siculus (REPTILIA: LACERTIDAE) from Krk Island (Croatia). // HYLA – Herpetological bulletin. 2011 (2011), 2; 5-22 (article, scientific).
  4. Janev-Hutinec Biljana, Karaica Dean (2010): „Vodozemci i gmazovi u Parku prirode Medvednica“, Javna ustanova „Park prirode Medvednica“, Zagreb, popular-scientific publication: ISBN 978-953-56474-0-9, CIP record accessible in the catalogue of the National and University Library in Zagreb under the number 750775).

List of publications